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What My Clients Say

Jane Zhang, China

Lucy is the best coach I ever had! I decided to have regular coaching sessions in my career life because of her. Lucy has strong observation skills, she can always pick the critical point from listening to my problems, and can ask great questions. No matter how confused I was, after being guided by her, I can always see the brightest direction and clear next steps. Lucy’s coaching style is simple and extremely effective. She helped me with my key personal growth areas in the past 2 months. I was so lucky having her accompanied the journey of the company going public, without her I wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure and complexity. Lucy is my rocket, with the help of her acceleration power, I believe I will be able to fly to the furthest place I could be. Hope more people could be as lucky as me!

Jane Zhang.jpg
Wendy Luo, China

After 20 years into my career as an HR, I came to seriously reflect on my next chapter. Confused and trapped, I read a lot of books on self-growth and attended endless trainings. They made a lot of sense but still didn’t help me out of my confusion. With Lucy’s coaching, I became clear about my genuine desires and motivation that bring me joy and meaning. I learned to accept who I am and allow my genuine desires to flourish and fuel my meaningful work going forward.

Wendy Luo.jpg
Lujie Meng, China

As an HR Business Partner, my typical day at work is full of conversations and meetings. It’s really hard to focus especially when I need some quality time for myself. I tried multiple different ways to tackle my difficulty to focus, but none of them really helped. Coaching with Lucy allowed me to establish supportive internal and external environments to stay focused. Once I have my focus back, I can move forward fairly quickly, with passion and joy.

Florence Reisch, Dubai

Thank you Lucy for guiding me from a very first and vague idea I had in mind to the realization of a dream. During our coaching you observed and reflected on what I was saying or thinking and asked me very relevant questions, which made me grow effectively in my project. I will always remember the 2 questions you asked me in our last session: it was the aha moment, the moment it became clear how my unique experience will enable me to connect with my future readers. Your presence was very supportive and today,  I have now published my first book: Expat Wife, Happy Life. Thank you Lucy for this insightful experience, you are a great coach!

Claire Wang, China

I came to Lucy to understand more of myself so that I can be more authentic and confident in building relationships in my transition to in-house HR. Lucy asked powerful questions, listened deeply, and provided sharp observations and reflections. Through coaching, I not only formed a deeper understanding of who I am, but also came up with the direction about how to deal with challenges in my work going forward. If you want to know better of yourself, and deal with challenges aligned with who you are, Lucy will be a great partner.

Claire Wang 2.jpg
Ken Tang, Hong Kong S.A.R

I have been working as a commercial real estate advisor for more than 20 years in Fortune 500 companies. Recently, I was promoted to lead the department with a group of talented advisors. Given the nature of the industry, there were unrealistic and unfair judgements around during the tenure which made me emotional sometimes. With Lucy’s coaching, I learnt what kind of angles to face these emotional traps. While I cannot avoid people judging me regardless of fair or not, it’s better to turn this around, and look forward to seeing them to judge me again. Lucy always asked the right questions and guided yourself into different angles to look at the situation. Finally, you not only felt more relaxed in the difficult situations, but also had the opportunity to understand yourself more. It was my pleasure being her coachee in the past 6 months. Thank you! Lucy.

Ken Tang.jpg
Laura Festa, Italy

What Lucy offered to me has been her attentive listening and clear inquires. She is able to create the space to explore different perspectives where new insights arise. Her soft voice invited me to go on in my reflections and gain clarity. It was a new experience to be coached without seeing each other and my attention was drifted away sometime but Lucy was very attentive to all sounds around and provided silence and space when necessary. I feel grateful for her support and gentle smile. I' d love to get back to her anytime I need to be heard as Lucy does it.

Laura Fester.jpg
John Zhang, China

What has been troubling me is managing my energy: I am facing a large workload. When I am doing a task, I not only find it hard to focus on the current and keep planning what’s coming, but also attach myself to results and expectations. I feel anxious about uncertainty of my tasks. Coaching with Lucy enabled me to really look inside myself, which was a bit daunting to me. However, Lucy has been very professional. She listens deeply and asks truly relevant questions to guide me to see the root of the problem. I came to find what was really bothering me. With that realization I am amazed to see that I can be so relaxed and focused.

Jason Hou, China

I came to Lucy for coaching on creating meaningful and challenging work so that I can align my work with my life purpose. Lucy’s coaching helped me see the root of the problem faster, uncover the underlying obstacles, and enabled me to create thrilling, important, and daunting goals. Lucy is strong in reflective listening, powerful questioning, and uncovering self-limiting mindsets. If you feel stuck in what you do, at work or in life, I highly recommend you reach out to Lucy.

Romi Pousa, Argentina

I had several sessions with Lucy and I was extremely satisfied with the outcome. Right from the start of the session, Lucy knows how to connect and build an environment of trust and safety. She is very skilled in using powerful questions to help you focusing on what you want to achieve as well as going deep in your emotions and beliefs in order to overcome obstacles and discover new ways of walking through life. Thanks Lucy!!!!!

Romi Pousa_edited.jpg
Daniela Redding, Germany

I started coaching with Lucy with a specific challenge in mind. Through coaching I discovered why I was feeling a certain way and saw connections between experiences I never realized before. Lucy supported me greatly by asking powerful questions, offering objective reflections and sharing techniques when needed. When making decisions I used to seek out friends and family for advice who all share opinions. I am glad I hired Lucy as my coach because all those opinions became noise in my decision-making process and left me feeling unfocused and overwhelmed. In coaching, we worked out what is really important to me and looked behind beliefs and self-imposed expectations to prepare me for making decisions based on my values.

Daniela Redding_edited.jpg
Katherine Kwok, Hong Kong S.A.R.

Being working in an institute for over 20 years, I started to think what my next step is in my career. Through the coaching sessions with Lucy, she facilitated my reflection of what is more important to me and what I really want. She helped me to understand myself more and lead me to view events from different angles. Lucy is both my coach and friend. She always helps me think positively and encourages me to explore more possibilities. I highly recommend Lucy as a coach.

Echo Duan, Hong Kong S.A.R.

Lucy is professional and patient. She knows how important it is not to judge. What I love most is that she never gives answers to my questions, instead, she guides me to come up with solutions by myself, thus the solutions or action plans are usually more relevant. Thanks to the self-exploration journey with her, I am now clearer about my life goals, and more confident to face challenges. I recommend anyone seeking self-exploration to contact Lucy!

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