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Meet Lucy

International Life Coach

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


Leveraging a blend of professional coach training with HR and Leadership Development experience, I coach Human Resources leaders and professionals on developing their true authentic selves, while helping them live a life that’s more fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful.


My coaching has been deeply informed by over the 12 years I spent working in global organizations such as Avery Dennison, Lidl and Tencent, as well as startups. I have delivered over 1,000 hours of professional development, including coaching others, attending professional coach training, being coached, mentored and supervised. My commitment to a life-long journey of self-development is the main source of my energy and inspiration.

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I am one of the few professional coaches in the world who are both certified as a life coach and organizational coach. My unique combination of backgrounds allows me to see you as a whole person, instead of a particular role.


My coaching clients come from a wide range of organizations, from MNCs to startups. Notable client companies include Gap, Tencent, Ernst & Young, Lidl, Warner Media, Grab, Pinkoi, etc. I coach in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. 

My clients say that through coaching with me they have become clear about who they are and what they really want.

It’s worth your time to really understand yourself. Everything else you do stems from that clearness: you immediately know what is important to you, you are more sure than ever before of where to set your focus and place your energy, you know how to define your success and know it when you get there …

If I were starting or continuing my career in Human Resources (HR) today,
I would forgo those "one-for-all" expensive training programs that leave you wondering how to implement what you’ve learned. To maximize my investment, I would hire a life coach who can understand me well and is great in customization.

If you’re tired of trying to figure out everything on your own, let’s talk.

Schedule a complimentary 30-min conversation with me and together we’ll uncover what you want and need.

More about my story - live my own authentic dream

Since a very young age, I have found myself longing for personal growth. This inspiration drove me to serve a career in Human Resources. This provided me with a platform to explore personal development and to help others grow, where I knew I could make the biggest difference. I experience great joy in seeing others grow professionally in their career or organizationally, sometimes even both.


One day I was observing an external facilitator delivering a leadership workshop. Unlike a typical leadership training where leaders look at models, assessments, and case studies; participants in this workshop were reflecting on their personal leadership challenges. They were sharing brave personal stories about how they felt and what they believe in.


Suddenly I no longer saw them as leaders but as truly authentic human beings with many facets. Right after the workshop, I spoke to the facilitator to find out what made her workshop so different. I discovered the key reason: she was facilitating the workshop in a coaching way.


This experience planted a seed in me: I wanted to coach; I wanted to assist people to connect with their authentic self and bring their best, whole self forward. I realized that personal growth is never just about growing in one’s professional career or inside an organization. It’s about growing the whole person. If we want to be truly happy and fulfilled, we cannot leave any part of us behind.


In order to help others to achieve their purpose, I knew I needed to live my own authentic life first. Over the next 7 years, I nurtured the seed that was planted inside me that day. I lived my desire of becoming a life coach. The more energy I put into practicing coaching, the more I grew into the life I love. I’m really fond of deep reflective one-on-one conversations. I enjoy exploring authentic longings with my clients and I am inspired when my clients gain new perspectives and make courageous choices for themselves.

When HR professionals live out their best authentic self, they will


multiply their positive influence.
Let me partner with you to reveal you to yourself. When you enhance your clarity about yourself, you move faster and more calmly. You feel lighter and more joyful. You become inspiring and influential. Suddenly, you are the go-to-person for the unique value you provide to your colleagues and organization.

If you are not an HR professional and find the description above resonates, do not hesitate to reach out. I coach individuals with diverse backgrounds internationally.

Lucy was born and raised in Ningbo, China, and studied and lived in Hong Kong SAR. She currently lives in Shenzhen with her husband and two cats. Lucy is forever grateful for the constant inspiration from her husband, friends and collaborators, clients, teachers, mentors and coaches.

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