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Book a Complimentary Discovery Call

30 Minute Consultation to Clearness and Smart Decision Making

The complimentary conversation is the perfect way to:

  • Introduce yourself to coaching and see how coaching can benefit you.

  • Have an opportunity to experience coaching on a small scale.

  • Get an idea of how we interact together.

  • Find out more about your situation and whether this is an area in which I believe I can help you.

Most people who approach me for a discovery conversation later enroll in my 1-on-1 coaching program where they get to deep explore themselves and their situations with my guidance, challenge and support.

They enjoy the process of growing themselves and increasing their capacity for bigger challenges and more opportunities in life.

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I was so lucky having Lucy's accompany when I was under the pressure of the company's going public

Lucy is the best coach I ever had! I decided to have regular coaching sessions because of her. Lucy has strong observation skills, she can always pick the critical point in my problems, and ask great questions. No matter how confused I was, after being guided by her, I always see the brightest direction and clear next steps. Lucy’s coaching style is simple and extremely effective. She helped me with my key personal growth areas in the past few months. I was so lucky having her accompanied the journey of the company's going public. Without her I wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure and complexity. Lucy is my rocket, with the help of her acceleration power, I believe I will be able to fly to the furthest place I could be. Hope more people could be as lucky as me!

- Jane Zhang, Beijing, China

Take the first step

Lucy’s clients say that she has a superpower for helping them to see a clear direction and next steps, no matter how confused they were in the beginning. Through coaching with Lucy, they become clear about who they are and know what they really want. After all, when we reach a high level of clearness about who we are and what we do, we can take meaningful actions and move forward with full motivation and confidence.
How did she become clear of who she is and enjoy her day with focus? While she was working as a Human Resources professional (HR) in different multinational organizations, many colleagues came to her to discuss their confusions and challenges in their career, work, or life. They felt inspired by Lucy’s passion, insights, and clarity of what she wants. They then hired her to help them figure out what is needed to be clear, oriented, and focused. So, in early 2021, Lucy launched the Clearness Coaching business to help individuals, especially HR professionals, to grow themselves, which is the cornerstone of their success.

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