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How can I live my day-to-day with clarity, focus and success?

That’s the question that so many of us long to find answers for.

You are an ambitious Human Resources (HR) professional with a passion in serving employees and leaders and supporting their growth. But you always seem to be busy helping others. Too many times you say to yourself: “I wish I can be more focused” before you rush into another meeting, take another request, sign up for another program…

What’s stopping you from feeling truly successful every day?

It’s not that you don’t know how to prioritize and set a focus.
It’s not that people don’t value your support.

It’s about growing your consciousness and taking ownership of your career and life. It’s time to shift from chasing, dealing with constant changes and requests, and relying on hope, to being clear, oriented, and focused.

If you are not an HR professional and find the description above resonates, do not hesitate to reach out. I coach individuals with diverse backgrounds internationally.


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"Lucy is the best coach I ever had! She has strong observation skills. She lasers in the critical points from listening to my problems, and asks great questions. No matter how confused I was before a session, after speaking with Lucy, I can always see a clear direction and next steps. Lucy’s coaching style is simple and extremely effective. I was lucky having her accompanied the process of the company’s going public. Without her I wouldn’t be able to handle such pressure and complexity.."
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